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Compassion Vs Co-dependence

The difference between compassion and co-dependence is about how a person views themselves. Compassionate people have the ability to feel empathy and sympathy with the suffering of others, while taking responsibility for their own needs.


Co-dependent individuals put other people's feelings ahead of themselves and set aside their own needs to be able to serve someone else. Co-dependent people are usually very empathetic and empathetic.  An accepted theory links compassion and co-dependence to setting boundaries and respecting the boundaries of others.

Co-dependent people do not usually set personal boundaries for themselves and can sometimes step over boundaries that others have set. Their behavior is based on sacrifice and a perceived obligation to help others solve their problems. They usually try to protect the other person from the consequences of their behavior. Do things for others that the person himself should take responsibility for and can do himself. Compassion and co-dependence can be explained as opposites, because compassionate individuals control their own lives and let others do the same.

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