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Life Coaching


- Does your life feel unmanageable?

- Are you eaten up by anxiety and doubt?

- Do you ignore yourself and your needs to "overhelp" others/loved ones? (co-dependency)

- Do you control and take the responsibility of others instead of your own?

- Is there a feeling that "only everyone else is well" so are you also well to?

- Can´t you find any balance and joy in Life?


As a Life Coach, I give you  guidance, where we look at your current situation to your desired situation in life. What motivates you and what obstacles do you need to overcome to achieve your goals. I help you identify your own driving forces and to the joy and focus for you in life.


Together we work with tools that give you the opportunity to find  your balance. We create new ways to change the old ways of your thinking and behaving. This will help you become more aware and more present in the here and now.


You learn to angle life from a new perspective. You can handle your everyday life and situations in a more favorable way. To get clarity on what it is that you really have influence and control over. What is your responsibility and what is the responsibility of others.


Setting boundaries and being aware of what you allow yourself.Together we make an action plan to find your way to balance. I coach, ball plank, pepping and helping you move forward over your obstacles. In addition to personal development, I also work with co-dependency issues (the relationship with loved ones who are addicted to alcohol, drugs, and -or diagnosis).

I offer physical meetings at the clinic and online via Zoom. If you have questions and concerns, you are

warmly welcome to contact me.


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