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Massage therapy

With various techniques, we work towards preventing problems or treating direct problems such as sore shoulders, neck strain, back shots, tired backs, joint problems, tennis elbows and headaches. Massage can also help with relaxation and getting you down in laps.

Classic massage:

Through kneading, slipping and pressure, the massage dissolves tension in the body. It gives a nice

and pleasant relaxation. Regular massage counteracts fatigue and pain in the neck, shoulders and back.


Massage therapy treatment

We work with a focus on the specific problem area with all techniques.

  • Massage (to soften and get the blood circulation going properly

  • Lunge (stretching technique for lengthening too short muscles)

  • Trigger point treatment / Pressure (with direct pressure these hyperirritable "muscle knots" dissolve

Sports massage:

A tougher treatment with a focus on tired and sore muscles .. The massage grips are deeper

and more focused on the problem area.


Through scientific research, it has been found that the hormone Oxytocin is released in the body during touch / massage. Regular massage counteracts fatigue and pain in the shoulders, back and neck


As a result, we also get:


  • Lower blood pressure, slower heart rate

  • Positive effect on the digestive system

  • Healing is accelerated in the body

  • Strengthened immune system

  • Elevated pain threshold

  • Anxiety relief

After the treatment, you may feel a little dizzy or pleasantly relaxed. This is because tensions have dissolved and our "peace and quiet hormone" Oxytocin has been released and our blood pressure drops.

for a few days afterwards, this is completely normal and gets smaller with each treatment you go on. Feel free to drink a few glasses of water afterwards, as massage, among other things, increases the excretion of water and waste products through the kidneys and needs to be removed from our system.

A very warm welcome!

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