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About me

My name is Lotta Eriksson and I work as a personal trainer, certified massage therapist and certified life coach. For 33 years I have worked in the fitness industry as a group training instructor and personal trainer. I set foot in the gym for the first time in 1979, competed in 2010 and 2012 in Classic Bodybuilding. In 2012, I won the Swedish Championships in CBB. Such an incredible boost for self-esteem to reach your set goals, whatever it is. Exercise is a part of my life, it helps me on all levels of life.

By combining exercise, a healthy diet and common sense, I strive, like most people, for good health and balance in life. The body's machinery needs to be maintained from head to toe. Movement, recovery and relaxation are some of the important cornerstones for us to function optimally.


Having the opportunity to inspire, see people develop, feel better and become stronger on several levels, has always been the goal of my work. Over time, the desire to be able to accommodate my training clients grew even better. In 2002, I therefore took a certifibation as a massage therapist and  started my business. I have today run my company for 19 years and work as a consultant at companies and in my clinic.


I meet so many wonderful, nice people in my profession. In these meetings I also experience the more and less positive sides of life. The scales do not always weigh evenly. From my own experience, I know that it can be difficult to coordinate life, such as relationships, family, parenting, work and own desired time.


Life is a varied journey and we all face crossroads at some point and think about which direction we should choose. Sometimes it is difficult to make choices for different reasons. All we strive for is to be healthy and feel as good as possible. I myself have experienced that if a change is to take place, we need to step out of our comfort zone and dare to find new ways. Hard work? Absolutely. Contradictory? Absolutely. But the liberating feeling you get when new doors open and you clearly see change in your life, then it was worth all the hard obstacles and conflicted feelings you struggled with during your journey.

My own journey is and has been full of experiences, good and less good. To be able to find my way back to my desired balance in life, I began my journey into personal development. Living in constant anxiety, stress, and negativity creates crisis and imbalance in both body and soul. Complicated, unhealthy and destructive relationships with loved ones and with oneself, can sometimes be difficult to break without  any help.

To have the opportunity to work with the overall picture, I expanded with another education to

certified life coach during the year 2020. With my experiences and tools gathered today, my desire is to help my clients to a healthier approach and a more joyful life. A strong functional body and a consciousness and presence in everyday life, creates the balance we strive for.

My driving force is the ability to be able to help when you get lost on the road, in both body and soul.

You have more abilities than you think. Let's pick and work them out together.

"Small steps leads to big results"

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