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 The concept of Co-dependence

Being co-dependent is a behavior or condition that can affect people / relatives who live close to an addict. The addict is a person who abuses drugs or alcohol. Gambling and sex abuse also count as an addiction. A person who is codependent is completely preoccupied with controlling and managing the addict.


You adapt your personality and behavior to the person who is addicted in the hope of being able to help. A desire so strong that the condition finally leads to fully control the everyday life of the codependent

It is common for those who are codependent to seek out people who need help. Precisely for this reason, it is not uncommon for those who are codependent to end up in destructive relationships and in relationships with people who have a destructive lifestyle. This in turn can lead to the codependent becoming isolated and losing contact with his or her other social life.

Codependence is a behavior that is deeply rooted and can often be linked to one's own background. It is common to grow up close to someone with an addiction or with mental illness. Many become codependent already as children, but it is possible to develop later in life.

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