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Personal training


With regular cardio and strength training, you can add many years to your life. You become stronger physically, your body feels better and many experience increased self-confidence. Active people with good condition are less likely to get cardiovascular disease and have stronger skeletons than sitting still.


Having good condition gives increased oxygen uptake, which contributes to you feeling more alert and becoming more stress tolerant. A well-trained, functional body also prevents problems with static strain on the back, neck and shoulders.


Cardio training strengthens the heart and blood vessels and increases the body's ability to absorb oxygen. Through continuous cardio and strength training, you keep the weight lighter and release endorphins that lead to increased well-being and also better sleep.

Purely physiologically, fitness is a measure of your body's physical ability to work when exposed to various loads. When you activate your body, take a jog or take a walk, your blood flow increases and your heart rate goes up at the same time as you start breathing harder. Then the condition is reminded and gives an answer to how well or less well trained you are.


It's never too late to start moving. Given that we all have different conditions, you should always set reasonable and realistic goals with your training plan. We train your physical balance, functionality and strength. Welcome to contact me and we will review how I can help you.



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